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The worldwide potential for clean, green electricity from the kinetic marine energy in rivers and tidal currents is 120 GW. The EU-funded CRIMSON project will bring to market a high-performance, low-cost, and scalable marine hydrokinetic energy turbine by applying advanced manufacturing techniques suitable for high-volume manufacturing with recycled materials. Project partners will demonstrate the immediate impact of this disruptive technology, revealing the technical and commercial potential of harnessing marine hydrokinetic energy. The longer-term impact will be to reduce the levelised cost of electricity for the European citizen – the ultimate beneficiary of this innovation. CRIMSON will also deliver significant positive impacts in terms of industry/EU competitiveness and scalable company growth in revenue and jobs.



Project Partners

Ireland -> €1,015,876
Ireland -> €874,125
Ireland -> €499, 375
Italy -> €302, 500
Germany -> €299,687